Enflamme Custom Scented Candles


Create Your Own Unique Gift With an Enflamme Custom Made Scented Candle.

Enflamme Custom Scented Candles are hand-made in Sydney from the finest soy wax. Our exquisite scents are blended by a master perfumer ensuring our fragrances are beautiful, lasting, never overpowering.

Custom candles are easy to organise 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Choose a Vessel
Choose a colour and size high-quality opaque glass vessel
– Black or White
– Small 60ml (12 hours burn time) or Large 160ml (30 hours burn time)

Step 2 – Choose a Scent
Gardenia Tuberose
Lemon-grass & Lime
Lychee & Peony
Green Tea & Lilly
Berries & Rose
Coconut Milk
White Tea & Thyme
Coconut & Lime
Herb & Spice
Orange Blossom
Pear & Freesia
(See detailed Enflamme scent descriptions)

Step 3 – Custom Label Design
Our designer will create a personalised label for your candle.

Your Order is Ready
Individually gift boxed, your bespoke candles are couriered to your door.

Price List
60 ml Candle $10 each
160 ml Candle $20 each
Minimum order 20 candles

Contact Enflamme to order