Not Just Another Scented Candle

enflame sydney children hospital

Royal Children’s Hospital Donation

When you purchase an Enflamme scented candle you can be confident that you are burning the very best ingredients the industry has to offer. And when the flame finally expires your handmade earthenware vessel becomes a herbal tea cup, a sugar bowl, a plant for your kitchen or simply to store cotton wool in the bathroom. And it is our promise to you that you will not only burn the very best scented candle available but you are helping us to support children with childhood cancer with $2 is donated from every candle purchased. Now that is not just another scented candle.

This Christmas we have been busy raising money for our favourite cause. Enflamme has a little thing going with Apple where we raise funds to purchase iPads that are then donated to Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. These little heroes that suffer with childhood cancer are rarely allowed to leave the ward for fear contracting colds, flues and other nasties. Our aim is to provide an iPad for each bed so that our little warriors can be entertained and even educated while they are receiving some of the best specialist treatment in the world.