Enflamme Custom Scented Candles


Create Your Own Unique Gift With an Enflamme Custom Made Scented Candle.

Enflamme Custom Scented Candles are hand-made in Sydney from the finest soy wax. Our exquisite scents are blended by a master perfumer ensuring our fragrances are beautiful, lasting, never overpowering.

Custom candles are easy to organise 3 simple steps:

Step 1 – Choose a Vessel
Choose a colour and size high-quality opaque glass vessel
– Black or White
– Small 60ml (12 hours burn time) or Large 160ml (30 hours burn time)

Step 2 – Choose a Scent
Gardenia Tuberose
Lemon-grass & Lime
Lychee & Peony
Green Tea & Lilly
Berries & Rose
Coconut Milk
White Tea & Thyme
Coconut & Lime
Herb & Spice
Orange Blossom
Pear & Freesia
(See detailed Enflamme scent descriptions)

Step 3 – Custom Label Design
Our designer will create a personalised label for your candle.

Your Order is Ready
Individually gift boxed, your bespoke candles are couriered to your door.

Price List
60 ml Candle $10 each
160 ml Candle $20 each
Minimum order 20 candles

Contact Enflamme to order

New – After Five Candle Range


After Five

After Five is a stylish new range of artisan scented candles created by Enflamme. Luxurious scents artfully blended by our master perfumer are housed in an elegant, unembellished opaque black glass vessel. Each candle is hand poured high-quality soy wax, with an organic double wick. Pure essential oils and natural essences and used ensuring our fragrances are beautiful, lasting and never overpowering. There are six fragrances to choose from, available in store now.


Three Reasons for Choosing Soy Candles Over Paraffin Candles


The Benefits of Soy Wax

Did you know that most candles available on the market are made with paraffin wax? It’s mostly found as a white, odourless, tasteless waxy solid. Seems pretty harmless. But dig a little deeper and paraffin doesn’t quite stack up against more natural alternatives like soy candles on a few key fronts.

1. Green Credentials
Paraffin wax is a petroleum waste by-product made when crude oil is refined into gasoline. These are non-renewable resources, and using oil and petrol in industry and for fuel contributes to air pollution issues and rising greenhouse gas emissions. Not the most eco-friendly product. By comparison, soy wax is based on a renewable resource, made from the oil of soybeans. It’s basically a natural vegetable wax. Some cheeky candle brands claim they are soy but blend their wax with paraffin. At Enflamme, we use 100% soy wax in our candles free from any nasties.
Another bonus is that soy wax candles burn slower than paraffin candles – up to 30 to 50 per cent longer – meaning they last, saving you pennies on getting new ones and helping to conserve resources in their production.

2. Soot Sucks
When burned, it’s widely believed paraffin candles give off toxic fumes and soot which can play havoc with indoor air quality and your health. That’s a bit yuk. You can often tell if a candle contains paraffin by that black smudgy residue left on the holders or surrounding surfaces. Candle soot can also deposit on furniture, carpets, walls and in air filters.
Since soot particles are typically very small, they can potentially penetrate the deepest areas of your lung. Researchers warn that people vulnerable to respiratory problems like asthma should avoid exposure to candle soot. Young kids and the elderly, in particular.
Soy wax, on the other hand, is ‘clean burning’ as there is no soot or harmful chemicals released. So you can feel safe in burning these little beauties every night.

3. On the Nose
Scented paraffin candles often also contain artificial fragrances that may be derived from petroleum. Aside from having little therapeutic value compared to pure essential oils, their lovely smells may be masking chemicals that are not good for us.
Fragrances in Enflamme soy candles are made from plant-derived essential oils. Try our popular Green Tea and Lilly for a refreshing scent for summer evenings. Or the Coconut Milk candle for a touch of tropical in your living room.

Other good stuff…
Aside from offering 100% naturally scented soy wax candles, you may be chuffed to know that at Enflamme we also:
– Pour and package our candles by hand
– House our candles in ceramic pots handmade from natural clay
– lead-free and  100% organic cotton wicks

See our range to add a natural toxic-free glow to your space.

Not Just Another Scented Candle

enflame sydney children hospital

Royal Children’s Hospital Donation

When you purchase an Enflamme scented candle you can be confident that you are burning the very best ingredients the industry has to offer. And when the flame finally expires your handmade earthenware vessel becomes a herbal tea cup, a sugar bowl, a plant for your kitchen or simply to store cotton wool in the bathroom. And it is our promise to you that you will not only burn the very best scented candle available but you are helping us to support children with childhood cancer with $2 is donated from every candle purchased. Now that is not just another scented candle.

This Christmas we have been busy raising money for our favourite cause. Enflamme has a little thing going with Apple where we raise funds to purchase iPads that are then donated to Sydney Children’s Hospital at Randwick. These little heroes that suffer with childhood cancer are rarely allowed to leave the ward for fear contracting colds, flues and other nasties. Our aim is to provide an iPad for each bed so that our little warriors can be entertained and even educated while they are receiving some of the best specialist treatment in the world.


Enflamme Candle Care

Our Candles are hand poured into our signature earthenware vessel. The vessel is clay handmade specifically for Enflamme and has a glazed finish on the inside. The glazed finish ensures that the melting wax will fall to the bottom of the vessel to minimize wax residue sticking to the walls as is common with glass candles. Our ceramic vessel has been kiln dried and can withstand long periods of burn time. The candle will have a burn time of approx. 40 hours.

To ensure a clean even burn
When lighting your candle for the first time you should let the candle burn for a minimum four hours then extinguish. It is imperative that your candlewick is trimmed before reigniting.

Re-use of vessel
Our unique earthenware vessel comes with a lid and has been designed so that you may retain it for secondary uses such as a teacup or small pot plant or simply to store small items.

Cleaning the vessel
The vessel should be cleaned in very hot water to completely dissolve the soy wax residue. The vessel is top rack dishwasher safe.

Safety warning
Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface. Never burn your candle out of site or within the reach of children or pets. Never burn your candle near any flammable materials. Avoid burning your candle in direct drafts and store out of direct sunlight.

We hope you enjoy your Enflamme scented candle.