Enflamme scented candles are an Australian business established by two sisters with a passion for fine quality hand made scented candles. Nicole and Claudine were compelled to start this business by a devastating set of circumstances. This was the diagnosis of Nicole’s six-year-old daughter with bi lateral wilms otherwise known as kidney cancer.

This sudden event in Nicole’s life revealed a vulnerability she had never dreamed she would ever have to face. As a mother of a desperately sick child she faced her darkest hours and her faith in God became dimmed. Nicole desperately searched for an inner strength to carry her daughter and her family through the most traumatic event of their lives.

Her young daughter Gisele’s faith in God was unshakable. In seeing this Nicole strengthened the belief in her own faith, eventually the light began to shine.This light gave Nicole the courage and determination to overcome and believe. Following a nine-hour operation and extensive chemotherapy, a desperately sick child emerged from the darkness into the light. Today Gisele is a beautiful, healthy and happy young girl with faith, compassion and a new love for life. Nicole made a promise that as long as she lived she would find a way to give thanks.

Enflamme is the French word for ‘the Flame’ and it is our symbol that even in your darkest hour your faith will guide you to the light. We are dedicated to helping those families whose children suffer with childhood cancer so that they too in their darkest hour may find a light, a hope to carry on. A proportion of all profits made by the sale of Enflamme candles goes to helping children affected by childhood cancer.

We wish to thank the Sydney Children’s Hospital to who we owe a debt of gratitude.